Honda Crf Africatwin

Sabot Engine Sw-motech Gray Honda Crf 1000 L Africa Twin (15-)

Sabot Engine Sw-motech Gray Honda Crf 1000 L Africa Twin (15-)

Sabot Engine Sw-motech Gray Honda Crf 1000 L Africa Twin (15-)   Sabot Engine Sw-motech Gray Honda Crf 1000 L Africa Twin (15-)
Deliveries of deadlines vary, see cgv contact us before buying for exact deadlines. Belly pan for crf honda africa twin 1000l.

Extremely solid, belly pan features? A thickness of 5 mm to the underside and guarantee optimum protection of the engine. The motor protection is designed precisely in order?

Be installed on the existing mounting points on the frame of the bike, ensuring robust protection distributing power between the fixing points and the steel frame in the event of impact. Origin which has a wall of 2.5 mm only. Perfect protection of the lower part, the?

Before and throughout the d-line? Exhaust against gravel, stones but also in case of collisions. Very robust thanks to its alloy design? Highly resistant aluminum with a thickness of 5 mm for the lower surface and 4 mm for the side surfaces. The sw-motech motor protection afforded better protection, distinguished by a contour Precision Cutting enabling?

Get a particularly long and laterally high protection area. Origin is smaller, engine guard also protects the engine front part and the collectors? A thickness of 8 mm allow? Absorb and redistribute forces to distribute on all attachment points.

Engine oil does not require removing the engine guard. The design with integrated guarantee the cuts? Ventilation and maximizes ground clearance. Compatible with the center stand of Honda? Origin also with one designed by sw-motech (see accessories).

Suitable for all versions of honda crf 1000 l twin africa (standard, abs, dct unless option selector). Solid aluminum with a wall thickness ranging from 4 to 5 mm. To ensure complete protection of the engine, sw-motech also offers motor protection as well as extension? This article is used in the following vehicles.

Honda twin africa crf 1000 l (15-). Choose the delivery method before paying! Important: If global relay of choice !! specified in your order your choice of relay point, or contact us at

Continental Rance not islands, like Corsica etc .. processing time of your order can vary from 4 to 15 working days, please contact us before purchase !!

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  1. brand: sw-motech <\/ li>
  2. manufacturer part number: mss.01.622.10002 / s <\/ li>
  3. brand motorcycle honda <\/ li>
  4. model: Honda CRF 1000 l twin africa (15 -) <\/ li> <\/ Ul>
    Sabot Engine Sw-motech Gray Honda Crf 1000 L Africa Twin (15-)   Sabot Engine Sw-motech Gray Honda Crf 1000 L Africa Twin (15-)