Honda Crf Africatwin

Power Commander V Crf1000l Honda Africa Twin 2016-2017

Power Commander V Crf1000l Honda Africa Twin 2016-2017

Power Commander V Crf1000l Honda Africa Twin 2016-2017   Power Commander V Crf1000l Honda Africa Twin 2016-2017
Product also available directly in our online store. Dynojet shows the power control 5, the successor of the famous power control 3 usb: the casing 5 is a power controlling the injection control box, which connects in series with the central unit of origin or the injectors of the motorcycle, without any modification to the beam of your motorcycle. It is redefining mapping your injection depending on the configuration of your motorcycle racing pot, air filter kn, modified camshafts ...

Compared to the original mapping (even on a motorcycle without modification, full stock, you can optimize your injection compared to factory settings). Interest of power control v: it provides the best air / fuel as possible so that the engine performance is optimum, whatever the throttle opening position and engine speed, depending on the configuration of your motorcycle his track use, road ... In use, it shows an increase of accreditation under brutal injection line, holes ...

Gummed acceleration, better acceleration and better engine performance. Installing the power to order: the power to order settled on the original connector (no wire cutting / welding), and thus remains simple enough to install.

It comes with its explanatory notes. Power characteristics of order 5 - best settings maps with adjustment of -100 to 250% on the fuel injection (-100 to +100 power only on the order 3) - cylinder setting - 2 registers to the shifter , 1 speed input (for info engaged ratio and speed and adjust the map in function), one analog input application temperature, turbo, nous ... 2 extensions ports to connect optional accessories autotune, lCD display, sfm ... Port usb self powered (the box connects directly to your computer without a battery, to retrieve maps using the provided software) - table 10 columns for gas openings (against 9 on PCIII) - Notes function (allows to put notes in maps to recognize). Setting a power control: the power control functions with the PC-software \It performs its own injection mapping, or install a mapping by dynojet.

There is a wide selection of maps (as motorcycles) to load and try to match your configuration. At the numbering of the maps, it is about six characters (eg, 308-507), the first three numbers of the bike (eg 308 = k1 gsxr 1000), the figure 4em to the geographical area (0 = us, europe 5 = 9 = France) and the last two digits to the accessories included in the map. To adjust, you can: - Use one of the many maps already available to you. You will surely find your happiness if you have a configuration \it will in this case rather to achieve a specific and personalized to you maping. This requires going to a power control tuning center, equipped with the proper equipment to handle your bike and set optimally with the tuning link software.

You can also use auto tune for an auto setting. (These centers dynojet a dynamometer with gas analyzer and technician who have specific training). Racing air filter: we can deliver your power control with air filter or racing dna kn, please contact us. Unapproved part: the power to order is not approved on road.

It is therefore to be reserved for use on closed track. The item \The seller is \This item can be shipped to the following countries: European Union.

  1. brand: dynojet <\/ li>
  2. manufacturer part number: 16-064 <\/ li>
  3. Manufacturer warranty: 1 year <\/ li>
  4. Manufacturing country: usa <\/ li> <\/ Ul>

    Power Commander V Crf1000l Honda Africa Twin 2016-2017   Power Commander V Crf1000l Honda Africa Twin 2016-2017